Maleny Community Precinct - "Land of Plenty"

Since 2010 when a Master Plan was approved by Sunshine Coast Council for the Maleny Community Precinct, further work and re-design has brought meaningful change for the medium and long-term benefit for the hinterland community.

MDSRC is very pleased to report to members that the last 3 weeks have seen significant milestones reached that will now enable implementation of the revised planning process.

Constructive discussion has meant that the boundaries and the lease for MDSRC have been confirmed with Council.    Further agreements reached by all involved will see the staged placement of walking trails, and further tree planting areas.

Greenhill’s President Ron Sharp said a major planting day would be held on September 21 and encouraged the community to join in.

Divisional Councillor Jenny McKay said “Council has worked closely with all organisations and this progress is a win/win for everyone involved.”

President of MDSRC Greg Williams said the club can now move forward with final negotiations and the signing of a lease for a section of the Precinct area.    “Our lease secures the area as open space that will be available for sporting and recreational uses.    The immediate primary use will be equestrian, with one of the first action items the construction of the Living Beersheeba Museum.     The 5th Light Horse Maleny Troop have a grant for this and it’s important to get those plans underway.     Construction should start within months and be completed by next June.     Maleny Equestrian Groups will be able to use the building and the fields, along with other MDSRC organisations,” Mr Williams said.

“As the area is developed over time, MDSRC members and the community will be encouraged to get involved in an expanding range of sporting and recreational uses” he said. “    We hope to achieve a result similar to the Maleny Golf Club.     Its members have demonstrated what a community group in Maleny can do, their achievements over the past 12 months, and currently, are amazing and inspiring.

A second and significant development by Council is the announcement that they are about to embark on a review of sporting and recreational facilities in Maleny and Witta.

This will result in the finalisation of a number of Master Plans, that will set parameters for Sporting and Recreational development into the future” he said.     “MDSRC will be organising a meeting of all interested parties to keep the community updated.     This meeting will take place in conjunction with Council, and we encourage ALL user groups to keep in close contact with MDSRC as everyone’s input is important.”

Cr McKay said work in partnership with the Friends of Pattemore House on historic “Fairview” (Pattemore House) continues, with new balustrading, internal and external painting, reconstructing missing French doors and windows and maintenance work to the rear awning.

 “Preserving this former home, belonging to the Pattemore family, is essential as it provides an understanding of the heritage of the area and life as it once was,” Cr McKay said.     “Restoring the house, and heritage gardens, is a long term project and it will be undertaken in stages, always ensuring we remain true to its heritage.”

“Work is also progressing on Stage 1 of the Maleny Riverside Boardwalk project behind the Riverside Shopping Centre.    

When complete, this timber boardwalk will provide a picturesque travel route for pedestrians and cyclists with views of Obi Obi Creek and will eventually link to the Maleny Community Precinct,” Cr McKay said.

“Work to extend an existing historic trail across Reynolds Creek Crossing will also get underway in the coming months.”