Mayor Jamieson opens Precinct carpark

Four Councillors, including Cr Jenny McKay, Council staff and around sixty brave souls witnessed Mayor Mark Jamieson opening the new Precinct Car Park on Friday, 25 January.


The mayor, who labelled himself as ‘Mayor of Maleny today’ saw the car park and access road, costing nearly $1 million as an indication of Council’s commitment to developing the Maleny Precinct as a vital community asset, both for Maleny and the wider Sunshine Coast Community.

Mayor Jamieson and Cr Jenny McKay opens the Precinct Car Park

He stressed that the car park was the first of other essential services that Council would build on the Precinct so that the community could get on with developing other facilities like the golf course, pathways, sporting facilities, environmental areas and Unitywater’s effluent wetlands.

Interviewed by Charles Hodgson of View News, the mayor said   “Importantly, over time, there will be the development of the golf course, the sport and recreation area, pathways, Barung and Green Hills are doing a lot of reafforestation.     It is a really exciting opportunity for the community to build a centrepiece for the future.     It is great to see Maleny and District people, known for the robust manner in which they determine their future, come together to realise this important community asset. It will be a great place for Maleny and district, and indeed tourists, to enjoy a lot of open space, and contribute to community values.”
(Thanks to Charles and View News for the film interview available at

The main proceedings took place in the shelter of Pattemore House, plus several marquees kindly provided by the Maleny Swimming Club and Rod Thamm.     During one brief break in the weather, the Mayor, Jenny McKay and Precinct Director Richard Hill, protected by failing umbrellas, proceeded to cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the car park.
Morning tea was provided by the MDSRC, at Pattemore House and was welcomed by all who attended the opening.     This gave a splendid opportunity for  Golf, MDSRC, and especially the equestrian group, to discuss with the mayor and Councillors their plans to focus equestrian activities on the Precinct.      They stressed how this arrangement provided better outcomes for sport and recreation generally, and made better use of the facilities at the Show Ground and Witta Recreation Centre.
Despite their busy schedule, Mayor Jamieson, the Councillors and staff stayed on for lunch provided by the Friends of Pattemore House.     The Friends joined Council for lunch and made excellent use of the occasion to stress the importance of preserving Maleny’s heritage, also discussing  their plans for future uses of the house and surrounds.       There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Pattemore House survived the wild weather over the long weekend but lost two mature trees - a lovely Leopard wood and a grand old Golden Spruce.