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The Maleny Precinct Advisory Group (PAG) meets monthly with Councillor  Jenny McKay, Precinct Director Alan Rogers and Sunshine Coast Council  officers to progress plans for the Maleny Community Precinct.

The purpose of the advisory committee is to:

    * ensure integration and collaboration of site activities
    * facilitate communication between all parties
    * provide a forum to settle neighbourhood disputes
    * provide advice to council on the progress of development of the precinct
    * provide advice on lease boundaries and location of trails.

The stakeholders represented on the advisory committee comprise:

Graham Hart                      (Chairman)

Mike Norman                     (Maleny District Sport and Recreation Club Inc)

Joyce Newton                     (Maleny Swimming Club)

Max Whitten                       (Maleny Golf Club)

Gail Denver                         (Friends of Pattemore House Inc)

Eric Andersen                    (Barung Landcare)

Peter Stevens                       (Lake Baroon Catchment Care)

Paul Gilmour-Walsh       (Maleny District Green Hills Fund)

Carolyn Williams             (independent community repesentative)

You can download the minutes of the PAG meetings here.

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